Selfish Pride

by / Comments Off on Selfish Pride / 557 View / December 5, 2014

It’s so sad when people build a theology of a religious bias against other Christian leaders based on the pain they experienced because of their own free will to join with the leaders…

When they joined they convinced everyone that they heard from God to join, then when they are reprimanded or hurt because they realize they can’t change the leader, then they retaliate and blaspheme the leaders. It’s like seeing a fire, then choosing to step in the fire and it burns you, then ranting, raving, and yelling at the fire and trying to convince people that fire is not Biblical, and there is no need for fire!! But actually, you needed some burning:)

The person that chose to join the leaders was really trying to get the leaders to change their call and vision to fit the vision of the person joining… SELFISH PRIDE.

Not all leaders have the answers, but I trust they are pursuing God with their team, and doing the best they know how. It’s always hard to see young ones feel they know it all with their “couple” years of experience… young ones that know the absolute understanding of God Himself, and know that God reveals all this truth just to them…Oh yea, that might have been me

Live and LEARN. Listen and speak little…but wisely.

Love to you all as we learn life together:)