Religious Spirits?

by / Comments Off on Religious Spirits? / 158 View / March 24, 2016

“Religion is man’s interpretation of what they think the church should be.” BB
So many people feel that others have a “religious” spirit…they might…but they might just have a different idea or plan than you do…and that is not necessarily a “religious” spirit. Although you might have one if your views and opinions become intolerable and a separatist attitude with other Christ followers.
Many people that accuse others of having a religious, Jezebel, Python, and Absalom type spirit, usually self identify with what they have or have had.  This makes it easier to see things in other people’s lives because of what they already carry or have carried personally. The problem is, because it has been a difficult thing for some, they have become hyper sensitive to every action as a spirit, and thus feel that they are at war constantly.
I chose to live in the victory of Jesus Christ. I’am not at war with anyone or anything, instead I’m working at defeating my own problems and issues, and that takes all of my time.
Live victorious, and quit empowering evil “spirits” by thinking they have power! They are all defeated!

Jesus won, so we have also won!

Have an amazing day…you all deserve it!