Powerful Words

by / Comments Off on Powerful Words / 14 View / October 28, 2017

As I sit yet another time in the Vancouver airport some thoughts were rolling around in my head:

“What seems to create fear in so many people is the fear of the unknown…but many feel they know so much, but still have it and live in fear.”

We need to watch what we say and talk about, as most people live in the environment of their words! If we focus on “fake news”, or all the problems in the world or even in our lives, then we usually try to talk about it…to everyone we meet.

But many of those people live in a negative process, their words are doom and gloom, and their lives mimic their focus.

I propose that we live in Christ Jesus attitude and heart, and see the Kingdom of Heaven that is at hand!

We also need to value relationship more than always needing to be right…Love you all and have an amazing Glory filled day!