Don’t Self Pity

by / Comments Off on Don’t Self Pity / 19 View / December 7, 2017

Sitting in the Auckland, NZ airport, looking out the big windows with an amazing ocean view, a thought keeps rolling around in my mind:

“One of the greatest problems, or sins in much of the Christian Church today, is accepting self pity!”

Self pity comes from a victim mentality. But your not a victim if you know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Many Christian people feel it is ok to live in self pity, and everyone else should pity them…but that is not a good “spirit” to live in.

Self pity is not a “kingdom” mentality!

To have “pity” on others can be good, but to have their life style of “self pity” manipulates you into pity for them and that is not good!! Actual victims of things out of their control, we absolutely help! But self pity victims usually bring on their problems through bad decisions or choices.
I encourage all of us to not let “self pity” into our lives, and instead live with the identity of sons and daughters in victory!!

Seek the Lord, study the scriptures, and apply them to your life…and see that the Lord is GOOD!!! He is full of Love, and has all the answers we truly need. You all are amazing, so have an absolutely amazing day, and no more self pity…instead, live in VICTORY!!

Love to you all from Kiwi land 🙂