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Bethel Team Recap

Just finished a wonderful weekend with a Bethel Team from Redding, California. Evangelism on Saturday and a powerful word brought by Josh Stevens on Sunday morning! Watch the service and stay tuned for any events in the future. Watch the...

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God of Restoration

My friend Chava has sure come a long way in his life…. From a drug induced life, actually shooting 25 bullets at a Christian pastor…the pastor lived, to now on fire for God and protecting us and the church!! Chava…

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Henry Soaring

Henry Schmidt soaring in Mexico City again:) I’m so honored to have brought Henry with me on this ministry trip to Mexico!! Eagles fly .)

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Never Stop the Pursuit

At YVR airport again, and a though came to me, “The favour of The Lord resides on those that live in it.” As many pursue the understanding of God’s favor, many miss the point…where He is, so is His favor….

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