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Religious Spirits?

“Religion is man’s interpretation of what they think the church should be.” BB So many people feel that others have a “religious” spirit…they might…but they might just have a different idea or plan than you do…and that is not necessarily…

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Best 2016 Ever

Welcome to 2016 everybody!!! As I was in prayer this first day of the year, this thought kept ringing in my ear: “Dying to self brings life to you, and life in you brings testimony to Jesus.” BB I feel…

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Diversities Add Strength

A thought that came to me today: “Differences can create separation and division, but diversities add strength to each other.” When working with other believers in Christ, don’t focus on you being right and everyone else being wrong…you create division. Instead…

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I woke up in prayer this morning as I was praying for my Korea trip, and I felt the Lord tell me to look at past thoughts He had given to me Dec. 6, 2013: “Offense in the church is a…

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Selfish Pride

It’s so sad when people build a theology of a religious bias against other Christian leaders based on the pain they experienced because of their own free will to join with the leaders… When they joined they convinced everyone that…

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Speak Truth

Thought that came to me today: “When you speak truth, it is destined to set us free…unless something is hidden or entertained falsely, then truth convicts!!!” So all you out there that speak truth from God, when accusations come against…

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Keep at Your Work

Keep about your work. Do not flinch because the lion roars; do not stop to stone the devil’s dogs; do not fool away your time chasing the devil’s rabbits. Do your work. Let liars lie, let sectarians quarrel, let the…

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Laws of God

Thought: “Eternal decisions need to be made not with your own desires, but with the laws of the Kingdom of God…They are there for your own success.” Yes, there are “laws” in the Kingdom of God…and whether people like them…

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No Intimacy without Vulnerability

So many people want intimacy, but you can’t have intimacy without risk and vulnerability. You must give before your guaranteed it’s safe.

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Push the Gates Open

On my way back an amazing ministry time in Kitimat, BC. So good to reconnect with such amazing friends, and help push the “gates” open in that region and for Canada!!! I’m looking forward to being at Windword Sunday AM:)

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